Monday, September 22, 2008

Converting VCD to AUDIO

1. Copy VCD/music.dat -> Harddisk/music.mpg
Note: Filename dat -> mpg


- Top Left Pane: Load Audio source Harddisk/music.mpg
- Bottom Pane: Output file name: Harddisk/music.mp2

- Right Pane: select ES(Audio only)

- Click [Setting], select Stream type=MPEGII, Channel mode=Dual channel, click [OK]
- Then click "Start"


- File -> Open Harddisk/music.mp2

- Click on the location "AVSEQ11", select Split Stereo Track.
- Then you'll see the track seperated to left channel on top and right channel at the bottom.
- [Mute] the channel which you don't want.

- Highlight the portion of the track which you want to save - use mouse to click on the track and drag
- File -> Export Selection as MP3

4. Using Windows Media Player to play mp3 file.

Click Burn tab.