Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Backup Outlook Email PST file

Microsoft Outlook Email storage .pst file is a proprietary format. Surprisingly no other email client can import the pst file itself right away. 2 best way I found to backup Microsoft Outlook Email stores in .pst file.

Both methods require Microsoft Outlook installed locally on the PC.

(A) Backup Outlook email to GMail.
1. Setup Gmail IMAP inside Outlook.
2. Transfer email from Outlook to Gmail. It takes long time to move email 1 by 1. But once it is done, you realize all the emails with related topic are threaded together in Gmail way. And it is very easy to search your email inside GMail.

(B) Backup Outlook to email Thunderbird.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Macau mobile plan comparison 比较澳门流动电话套餐

Task: Trying to look for mobile plan + data usage.

Pay-per-use data usage charges expensively with low data flow, e.g. 1-2G free per month only, extra usage MopP0.02/KB till Mop500 maximum. Unlimited data usage charges Mop318/Mop418(with new phone) per month.


iphone 4S: http://iphone.smartone.com/jsp/mo/iPhone4S/tchinese/price.jsp

Three.com.mo (和記電訊,和記黃埔集團成員)
http://three.com.mo/plan/month However it doesn't show the data plan.

Visit the shop, the current promotion (12 Feb 2012), 18 months contract, early termination penalty Mop200:

Auto incremental data usage:
Mop23, 200MB
Mop48, 400MB
Mop68, 1G
Mop88, 2GMop188, unlimited data

Meaning, if user uses 300MB that month, the bill falls into Mop48; if user uses 500MB, the bill falls into Mop68, automatically. Even if user uses more than 2G, the maximum bill is Mop188.

iphone 4: http://iphone.three.com.mo/tariff?type=iphone4
iphone 4S: http://iphone.three.com.mo/tariff?type=iphone4S