Friday, February 15, 2013

Malaysia Mobile Prepaid plan most suitable for low and mainly data usage

After coming back from oversea, in airport I investigated for Malaysia mobile prepaid which is most optimized for my requirement:

- with data plan: using whatsapp, WeChat, etc messaging software only. I don't surf Internet heavily.
- call and IDD, actually not important.
- sms, actually not important.

The best I found is U Mobile and Tune Talk.

Both prepaid cards are having:
- default data rate of 1MB/5cents, no need special activation.
- low calling rate
- low sms rate

Compare to other prepaid plans which need to activate data plan with RM X amount for Y days for Z MB, they are more costly and the activated period is too short.

For U Mobile, 1 time RM50 top up, the validity is 150 days! This is super value for money.

Reading more of U Mobile website, it also comes with features which is suitable for Malaysians who work in Singapore :)