Tuesday, December 12, 2006

OracleAS1012 vs OracleAS1013

A minor version difference between the number 1012 and 1013, however the underlying mechanisms and libraries have huge changes.

JDK Version1.4.21.5
JDBC Versionclasses12.jarojdbc14.jar
Corresponding JDeveloper VersionJDeveloper 1012JDeveloper 1013
ClusteringManual joining server farm via EMDynamic Discovery with broadcasting address in opmn.xml
JSF SupportNeed extra tweakingSupported
WEB-INF/web.xml (plain)Define namespace such as xmlns:xsi, xsi:schemaLocation, etc, which is not compatible with AS1012
Misc Java librariesWorking with JDK1.4.2Working with JDK1.5. Not completely compatible with AS1012.
Startupopmnctl and emctlopmnctl

Enterprise Manager


The above are the list of difference I have encountered.

What it means is that, at this point of time when you develop web application, you need to explicitly synchronize Oracle AS version and environment.

For example, you use JDeveloper 1013 to develop web application and deploy it into OracleAS1013 only. If you try to deploy it into AS1012, it is very problematic. You need to manually edit web.xml and bundle older underlying libraries (such as classes12.jar) into your EAR file.

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