Saturday, April 14, 2007

YAH Batch 3 Anniversary

April 14, Saturday was a busy day. Today was the opening day of YAH Community College Batch 6 at Center for Seniors in Bishan Junction 8. Started from 8am, volunteers and facilitators had started to prepare and welcome students.


Student coming.

12 April 2006 was the day all the Batch 3 facilitators got together. So we decided to have an anniversary gathering on same day 14 April 2007. After lunch in Junction 8 food court, Bao Xuan drove May Ying and me together to East Coast Park Island Resort.

Inside chalet

While we were waiting for the rest to arrive in the evening, we have an informative chat. I learned 2 tips to become good boyfriend/husband from Bao Xuan, haha...

Around 6:30pm, more people and food arrived. The buffet was ordered by May Ying. The presentation looked good and the food was tasty. Yue Feng had also prepared Mo Mo Cha Cha dessert.

This was a rare gathering. We had some new friends, husband and wife coming. Everybody ate ate and chat chat. Then, it was ice-breaking cum team-building game time. Soon prepared 3 games, they were (1) Guess who am I? (2) Phoenix Hall of Fame and (3) Memorized Puzzle.

Game1: Guess who am I?

Game2: Phoenix Hall of Fame

Game3: Memorized Puzzle

Aiyo... it was not easy to control the crowd. Players started to act before Soon finished explaining. They argued with the rules or they refused to accept the “prizes”. Haha... quite messy.

Refuse to accept the Prize

As we were facilitators, we had the debrief session after the activities. Somehow somebody had opinions and somehow ended up Soon went on stage to sing. Bee Yew the potential future facilitator was involved also.

After game debrief

Bee Yew and Soon sang on the stage

Finally, the event was ended. Hopefully everybody had a happy and memorable night.

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