Monday, June 18, 2007

Change Rename hostname for Oracle Application Server Midtier


It is ok to change / rename hostname for Oracle Application Server Infrastructure and Midtier. However documentation says it does not support Oracle AS with Metadata Repository.

Simply execute the following command to change hostname for Midtier.
% $ORACLE_HOME/chgip/scripts/ -mid

The script is clever enough to pick up the host information. So you just need to accept the default prompt 4 times, that's it.


Anonymous said...

We tried this on 10g, but the instance name, reports server name and many other bits and pieces including some filenames still have the old hostname, this is very unclean and mostly useless. The server comes up and functions ok however the report server responds to the old reports server name, the IAS console still has the old name etc ..etc.. etc... anyone have a solution for this?

oraclesoon said...

When configuring Oracle products, it is very important to read Oracle manual step by step. You may need to redo "7.2.2 Changing the Hostname or Domain Name of a Middle-Tier Installation"