Sunday, February 12, 2012

Macau mobile plan comparison 比较澳门流动电话套餐

Task: Trying to look for mobile plan + data usage.

Pay-per-use data usage charges expensively with low data flow, e.g. 1-2G free per month only, extra usage MopP0.02/KB till Mop500 maximum. Unlimited data usage charges Mop318/Mop418(with new phone) per month.


iphone 4S: (和記電訊,和記黃埔集團成員) However it doesn't show the data plan.

Visit the shop, the current promotion (12 Feb 2012), 18 months contract, early termination penalty Mop200:

Auto incremental data usage:
Mop23, 200MB
Mop48, 400MB
Mop68, 1G
Mop88, 2GMop188, unlimited data

Meaning, if user uses 300MB that month, the bill falls into Mop48; if user uses 500MB, the bill falls into Mop68, automatically. Even if user uses more than 2G, the maximum bill is Mop188.

iphone 4:
iphone 4S:

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