Friday, July 14, 2006

Oracle Business Rules - 1. Getting Started

It is a mystery that, even in OTN Oracle Business Rules the webpage itself, I couldn't find "Getting Started" guide. I read somewhere mentioning Application Server 10.1.3 comes free with Oracle Business Rules. But after installing 10gAS Release 3, where is Oracle Business Rules?

Searching Google high and low also couldn't find the layman instruction. Finally, while solving other problem, I found it! It is hiding inside 10gAS R3 Installation Guide.

The steps are as follows:
  1. Access the Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Application Server Control Console using the following URL: http://hostname:port/em
  2. In the Groups section of the page, click on the AS Instance.
  3. Select the Applications tab.
  4. Click [Deploy] button.
  5. In Deploy: Select Archive page, you see Archive section on top and Deployment Plan section at bottom.
    * For Archive, select "Archive is already present on the server". Then, enter the absolute path to point to $ORACLE_HOME/rules/webapps/ruleauthor.ear file, e.g. "/opt/oracle/AS1013/rules/webapps/ruleauthor.ear".
    * For Deployment Plan, select "Automatically create a new deployment plan".
  6. Enter the name of the application as ruleauthor.
  7. Nothing to change. Click [Deploy] button.

To deploy the online help for Oracle Business Rules Rule Author, the step is similar to above. The absolute path to the ear file is "/opt/oracle/AS1013/rules/webapps/rulehelp.ear".

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Vipin Jain said...

Very good!!! I appreciate the efforts. We did all these so many times but never try to put in words and indeed it helps others and very hand for quick reference.